WA Panel is the most advanced script when it comes to operating large scale WhatsApp Marketing campaigns.

We use channels from reliable vendors such as WhatsAppChannels.com and BulkWhatsAppChannels.com who provide channels with 60 days replacement guarantee by holding the real SIM cards in their ware house for next 90 days from the date of activation of the channels.

This automatically secures you from using these channels with the provided admin settings with the assured that for any reason what so ever. If channels do get blocked, then they will be replaced free of cost without costing you anything extra.

That being said, WA Panel forms a peer to peer communication network between all the channels uploaded into the script. This allows you to not only create a normal user behaviour pattern for all the channels that are uploaded into the script. But, also helps you extend the life of channels by upto more then 6 months on average usage.

We have implemented many methods to lower the probability of being blocked, when will your channel be blocked is undetermined, but your channel may be blocked.

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